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Telephus' Anisotropic Conductive Film Products (AnisoMat FI, AnisoMat FP, AnisoMat GI, AnisoMat FCP, NcfMat FCP series) include Anisotropic Conductive Film(ACF) or Non conductive Film products(NCF). ACF contains conductive particles which allow electrical interconnection betwwen top and bottom pad in the Z-direction of the film. However, conductive particles are apart from each other enough for two ajacent pads in the plane direction (the "X & Y-direction")of the film to be electrically insulated.

Available Sizes (Rolls)

  • Width : 1.0 mm, 1.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 12.0 mm
  • Length : 10 meters, 50 meters

Typical Applications

  • Flexible Printed Circuits Interconnections (Outer Lead Bonding on Glass or PCB)
  • Flip Chip Interconnection (COB, COG, COF, PCB applications etc)


Telephus ACF products a) and peeling the substrate apart. Then, bonding area is required to be cleaned with solvent (eg. Metre repairable by heating the bonded part to 120 °C (eg. With a hot plate or rework toolhyl Ethyl Ketone).


Telephus ACF materials should be kept frozen (-5 °C/23 °F) in the original air-tight vacuum bag. Before use, the film should be allowed to warm up to room temperature for 30 minutes to prevent condensation on the film.

Flexible Printed Circuit Application

  • Connection terminal moves to finer pitch (<50 ㎛).
  • High repairability and reliability.
  • High processing window (temperature and pressure) and low temperature curable (~120°C)
  • TCP/ITO (AnisoMat FI), TCP/PCB (AnisoMat FP series), IC/Glass (AnisMat GI series)

Flip Chip application

  • Allowing much finer pitch interconnection (<100㎛) than solder flip chip (>200㎛).
    • Low cost packaging solution from simple process and inexpensive bumping sources.
    • Simple flip chip process
    • Memory IC, RF/microwave IC packaging, COG for LCD application, smart cards etc.
    • ACF (AnisoMat FCP series), NCF (NcfMat FCP series).


These ACF/NCF products are being manufactured by Telephus Inc. under the patent licensing from KAIST. The ACF/NCF materials had been developed by research group of Prof. Kyung Wook Paik, Dept. of Materials Sci. & Eng., KAIST, Korea during last 5 years. The core patents of those products were filed and issued in Korea, Japan, United States and several other countries. Telephus Inc. acquired licensing of the major patents for the production of ACF/NCF materials from KAIST.